• All radio show hosts that broadcast mainly reggae and all music directors that deal with reggae music at their station are qualified to vote.
  • After registration, your profile has to be approved by an administrator. You will be informed via email after your profile has been approved.
  • During the registration process, please provide as much information as possible, as we will evaluate your votes for different territories and categories.
  • With your registration, you grant us the right to use your vote for all types of utilisation, including the right to publish your vote namely or anonymously.
  • Under no circumstances, will we give your contact details to a third party.


  • You can vote in two categories, “best single” (top 10 reggae/dancehall singles) and “best album/EP” (top 5 reggae/dancehall albums/EP).
  • The songs you vote for should not be older than two years, unless there is a reissue and current relevance to the song.


  • To avoid manipulation, you can only vote for two songs by the same artist in the category “best single” each month. In the categories “best album” you can vote only once for an artist each month.
  • Your votes shall be unbiased and reflect your personal preferences. In case of manipulation, a voter will be warned and after reiteration can be banned from further voting.
  • Artists, who try to manipulate the votes with money or other illegitimate methods, will be banned from the charts temporarily at first, and permanently after reiteration.


  • After voting has ended all votes will be checked for validity, scores calculated and evaluated for the different charts.
  • After sorting all votes within a category, all votes for a release will be added up. In case the score for two releases is identical, the better position on the previous month’s charts will indicate the higher ranking.
  • This modus operandi might be changed when adjustments are necessary to give a clear picture of the votes.

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