Dear Artists / Labels / PR Agents!

If you’d like to see your new releases on the charts, here are some background information to help you understand the procedure.

How to get your releases on the charts:

There is no safe way to get your releases on the charts, but there are three ways that you can try. In general, our voters are very open to new releases (check the list of 2017 releases, that have been voted for at the Global Reggae Charts here), so it’s up to you, to promote your music properly to the voters. The voters are free to vote for whatever songs/albums/riddims they like, as long as they have been released within the last 6 months and are based on Jamaican musical genres.

  • The first way is to promote your music to the voters on the charts. In November 2017 there are around 160 registered voters. Not all of them voting each month. A list of the  persons that have voted within the last months can be found here.
  • If you have radio DJs who support your music, you could try to convince them to register as a voter on the charts. Registration is open for all radio DJs and music directors working with reggae on the radio.
  • If you don’t want to reach out to everyone on your own, we are offering a service, where we promote your music digitally to all registered voters for charts consideration and possible airplay or review. Costs per release are 25 EUR. If you would like to use our service, please find all required info here.
Why should you care about the Global Reggae Charts?
Some important reggae media persons are supporting the charts as a voter and/or media partner. The charts are promoted worldwide and there is a growing attention. We have a bunch of radio shows presenting the single charts (and sometimes the album charts as well) and all releases on the charts are offered a free radio promotion as a package to 20.000+ radio contacts.

Media Partners